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A huge dog had been living as a stray and a woman saw him. She was interested in helping him and was totally in love with it. The first time that she noticed her, the dog was right by a gas station in Greece.

As much as she would like to bring the dog with her to Athens, she couldn’t. Instead, she took photos of the animal and promised herself that she will be back.

After a couple of days, the woman was able to go back and found the dog in the same spot. But what she found out was that it was difficult to coax the dog to go near her.

She also discovered that the dog may be huge but it was not aggressive. Instead, it was sad. It also had a problem trusting people. The woman would try to get near but the dog would also take steps back.

It has probably been a while since the last time this dog got attention from people. The woman did not give up though. She started to give the dog some food. She would throw them to where the dog was. The animal did not touch the food although the woman knew that he was starving.

The woman just kept on giving the dog food until the animal had started to trust her. She then started to take a few steps forward but the dog would also step back. She did this for a few hours.

In the end, the dog decided that the woman did not mean him any harm so he allowed her to come close. The woman was finally able to catch the dog and even brought him inside the car. During the trip, the dog slept quite well.

The woman adopted the dog and was able to give him love and care that he had not been given for so long. He is now happy and quite a healthy pet.

Source: The Orphan Pet


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