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When we are on a vacation, we intend to relax and discover the beauty of the world. But what would you do if while on a vacation, you come across a stray dog that is just too adorable? You sure would do something about it.

Megan goes on an annual vacation with her boyfriend. This year, she chose the Dominican Republic.

While they were there and enjoying the beach, they met a stray dog that they found adorable. The dog was just quite near them and it caught Megan’s attention. Her boyfriend reminded her not to mind the dog because they were on vacation.

But Megan just couldn’t stop looking at the dog. She had to insist that they check out the dog. So they did. The dog was simply relaxing by the beach.

The couple thought that the dog was hungry so they gave him some food. They were right. The dog was attracted to all the hotdogs they brought with them. But the dog did something weird which caught their attention.

The dog took the hotdogs and started to bury them one at a time, with some space between each one. It was weird and the couple was bewildered.

A few moments later, Megan realized that the dog buried the food because it means that it would have something to eat when she gets hungry later on. She now wants to help the pup.

The couple named the dog Rumba. They went looking for Rumba one day and when they found her, she was with another stray. This new one they named Papi.

Megan knew that it was a sign to help them. She found a page on Facebook and got someone to foster. The foster told Megan that the dogs have been given medical care.

When the couple went back home to New York, she was still thinking about the dogs. So she did what needed to be done. She already has two dogs and she knows she wants Rumba to join their family. She flew the dogs to New York. When they arrived, Megan adopted Rumba. Papi was adopted by Megan’s friend.

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