Dogs have a keen instinct to protect and rescue anyone from a distressing situation. One of the highly protective breeds is the Husky, who is also described as a ‘free-spirited’ canine with gorgeous looks.

Nora comes from this breed. She is the star of the video that has gone viral because of her rescue mission to free her little dog brother from a onesie. Oscar is a Dachshund puppy that likes to explore and discover things around him. One day, he saw an adult-size onesie lying on the floor and began to crawl inside it. Finding it warm and comfy, he stayed for a while.

It was all good until his owner, ZestyMike, called him, and he tried getting out but ended up stuck inside. The scene was so hilarious that he decides to film it while asking if Oscar was inside the onesie. The trapped puppy tried to escape from the hole of the sleeve but ended up entangled and stuck. No matter how hard he tried, he remained inside.

This prompted his big sister Nora to rescue him. She was seen sniffing for several seconds before tugging the onesie gently. However, her attempt failed to get Oscar out. She stopped for a while, then put her butt in the air and her paws on the ground while ‘talking’ to Oscar. Maybe she was trying to tell him that to stop worrying because “I got your back, Oscar. I will save you!”

After a short pause, Nora came up with a new strategy to free him from the mess he made for himself. Their parents encouraged Nora to continue her rescue mission. She grabbed the onesie with her teeth and gently pulled it as Oscar kept struggling. Nora tried stopping him from wiggling and then pulled again.

Her determination to save Oscar was so impressive, earning a lot of love and positive remarks from people who watched the video.

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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