We see adorable videos and stories of loving interactions between kids and dogs over the internet. It seems that most of us cannot get over the innocent reactions of both parties during such encounters.

The situation differs upon a baby’s arrival in the household, especially for dogs. Dogs who used to be the center of attention might feel jealous over a new family member. They cannot say it, but their actions reflect what they think.

Baby finally goes home!

Any new parent feels a bit apprehensive when the new baby is bound to meet their furry pet. The above statement accurately reflects how Nicole Finnegan felt when she went home with the newborn babe from the hospital.

She and her husband worried that their 2-year old bulldog/terrier mix, Hugo, might feel jealous with their new bundle of joy. However, Hugo proved them all wrong. Upon seeing his baby brother, protective instincts immediately kicked in.

You can count on me, pal.

One day while Max, their son, and Hugo have some floor time, an unexpected event occurred. Hugo suddenly reached out his paw to Max’s hand and did not let go for quite some time. The dog just kept reaching out to Max, as if telling him “I will always be here for you. You can count on me.”

Overjoyed with witnessing such once-in-a-lifetime moment, Nicole immediately uploaded it online via her Twitter account with a cute caption.

Check out the fantastic video here.

She did not intentionally post the video for it to become viral. She just wanted to share the cute moment with her family and friends. Just imagine the surprise she felt when the video had gone viral overnight!

Thank you so much LittleThings for this fantastic story.

Video Credit: Buzz Funny Videos via YouTube


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