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Life is precious, so if there is still a small chance to save a life, then take it. And according to this story, “It was never too late to save a soul.” Get ready and prepare your tissues as I bring this heartbreaking story to you.

One day, there was a joyful dog named Lou. He is a kind of dog that is friendly and very interactive; that’s why his owner loves him so much as well as the family members of his owner.

He loves to play outside, and he used to play with everyone, and he wasn’t scared at all. On the next day, he plays with everyone, and he was so very energetic. The owner with his family member had no idea that something wrong happened to Lou.

And while they are in the middle of their enjoyment, they noticed Lou lying flat on the floor, but they didn’t mind it because they thought he is only asleep. They see no movements from the dog, so they tried to call his name, but he didn’t respond. So, they began to think differently. They panicked when they can’t wake Lou up, so they immediately call a vet.

Rench, the vet, stepped in to help, and he said that it was probably the virus that caused his unconsciousness. They warmed his body, put a catheter in, and Rench started to give Lou some fluids to kill the virus. After a few minutes, the brave Lou picked up his head and opened his eyes. The family was so happy seeing Lou moving his eyes indicating that he is alive.

After 24 hours he got better but the problem is, he wasn’t eating, so they force-fed him until he started eating again. And now, he is fine. Thanks to the unconditional love of his owner and his family member for not giving up on Lou.

Thank you, UrDogs for sharing the story.


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