Most people tend to complain about how boring their jobs are. But this man wants to show others that we can make an ordinary job into something extraordinary!

At 59 years old, this toolmaker from New Zealand made a fantastic contribution to his community! How did he come up with it? Well, it all started one morning when he was trimming down branches from trees beside his home.

While piling up the sticks, he remembers how his pooch loved to play with them so much. And since a new dog park was to open in their place, he thought of using the piled twigs to make a library.

He collected more of the dead branches, smoothened their surface, and constructed a box where he could place them all. Then he carved it with the name of the project, “Stick Library.”

Tayla Reece, his daughter, who has since been very supportive of him, shares that his dad called it stick library in the sense that twigs need to be returned after being used. Tayla has posted videos of pooches borrowing and having such a good time on TikTok, which amused so many people online.

When more neighbors heard about this, they grabbed the chance and visited the park to have fun themselves. Some even brought their cats!

For the brilliant toolmaker, he may only see this as a simple project, but for others, he has brought joy not only to pets but to pet owners. His cleverness also sets a good example of thinking outside the box!

His excellent library idea shows us that we don’t need to get the best job in the world; we need only to make the most out of what we have! This is what makes him love his work and the way we should too!

Source at Caters Clips via Youtube


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