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Beaux is a Labrador and he has been neglected for some time. He also has a facial deformity which is congenital. He was quite ill as well. Thanks to a good person, his photo got online and there were people interested in helping him.

When Beaux was born, he already had this face that is not like the usual face of a dog. He belonged to a breeder and no person was interested in having him. The breeder gave him away for free.

The first people who owned him didn’t know how to care for him. He lived with them for five years and he was left outside their home. He didn’t get to know care and love. Beaux’s owners had to move and left him behind.


Someone did landscaping on the home left by Beaux’s first owners. He took a photo of the work done and sent it to Jaime. Jaime saw the photo and did not really notice the landscaping but instead was focused on Beaux who was in the background. She thought the dog was adorable. Later on, she found out that the dog needed a new home and she said she would take the dog.

Jamie took Beaux and brought him to get medical attention. The vet said that the dog may have a slim chance of surviving given that he was emaciated and had heartworm. But Jaime wanted to give Beaux a chance. She gave him love and care while he was being treated at the clinic.

Beaux was fighting. He was happy to have someone love him and care for him and he appreciated having Jamie around.

After one month, Beaux got better and was able to go with Jamie home. Now, he does not have to live outside the house anymore. Jamie got Beaux his own bed and showers him with love every day.

Source: The Dodo



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