Police officers who were called to a Walmart parking lot one day ended up doing not just one good deed, but two.

A shoplifting report from a Walmart store reached Arkansas City police, and they promptly dispatched a couple of officers to the scene.

They quickly solved the problem and were preparing to leave with the shoplifter, who was already handcuffed and sitting inside the patrol car, when they got another call for help.

An employee approached Police Officer Wade Hammond and Sergeant Jason Legleiter to inform them that a small dog was dangling from his leash by the door of a red vehicle in the parking lot.

Image credit: T.A.R.A. (The Animal Rights Assembly) on Facebook

The two policemen hurried over to where the dog was. PO Hammond’s body cam captured the action as Sergeant Legleiter quickly pulled out a knife to cut the leash and free the dog.

However, the dog merely lay motionless on the ground after the officers cut him down. They were afraid he might be dead, but PO Hammond removed the little dog’s collar and applied rhythmic pressure to his side.

Eventually, the dog regained consciousness and started breathing normally once more. He got up on his four paws, panting and looking up at the police officers.

The poor mutt was thirsty from being constricted and exposed to the heat, so his rescuers gave him water to soothe his parched throat.

The owner appeared to have secured the dog with a leash inside the car to keep him from running away and left the window open so the pup wouldn’t suffocate.

The dog must have gotten tired of waiting, however, and leaped from the window to go outside—nearly strangling himself in the process.

People praised the quick-thinking police officers after reading about the incident on the department’s Facebook page, but they also wanted the mutt’s owner to be held accountable for his negligence.

Nobody knows whether the owner made an error in judgment or if he committed a cruel act, but one thing’s for sure: it’s better for owners to bring along their dogs instead of leaving them inside a car.

You can watch the story here:

Source: GeoBeats News


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