Hulk is perhaps the most well-known member of Dark Dynasty K9s, which has been breeding and training pit bulls to serve as protection dogs for more than 15 years. The pit bull, who weighs a whopping 181 pounds, gained fame across the world because of his humongous size.

Marlon Grennan, who founded Dark Dynasty K9s with his wife Lisa, decided to add a new member to their pack after seeing a video of a Chihuahua engaged in protection work. He went in search of one and soon found Mami, who’s originally from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Mami was only a few weeks old when the Grennan’s adopted her. They made sure to introduce the tiny Chihuahua to their pit bulls, who welcomed the new addition to the family.


Growing up surrounded by all these pit bulls, Mami became a “big dog” in her own right. She’s undoubtedly small, but it would be a mistake to underestimate her as she’s as tough as any of the other Dark Dynasty dogs.

Image credit: barcroftanimals on Instagram

Mami became best friends with Hulk, who’s 36 times the size of the five-pound Chihuahua. The huge pit bull and the diminutive Chihuahua are almost inseparable, spending all their time with each other.

They eat together, sometimes from the same bowl, they play together, and they even curl up together in their sleep.

Hulk is a gentle giant who’s very much aware of the size difference between him and his best pal. He does get a little too enthusiastic sometimes and accidentally stomps on Mami’s little toes, but for the most part, he knows how to rein in his strength when he’s with her.

Marlon says that some people may find it odd that they have a Chihuahua among their elite pit bull protection dogs, but to him, dogs are dogs no matter their breed, and he considers Mami, a part of their family.

Furthermore, he explains that the reason the Chihuahua and the pit bulls are comfortable with each other is that Marlon and Lisa raised them with firm rules and boundaries that the mutts respect.

For the Dark Dynasty K9s founder, balance and calm energy are the keys to a happy dog.

Watch Hulk and Mami here:

Source: Barcroft Animals on YouTube



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