Police dogs play an important role in any police department all over the world. They help the police officers in solving crimes and in the previous years have become a significant part in law enforcement. Because of their unique skills and bravery, police dogs have saved many lives, including the lives of their human partners. They are very protective, loyal and watchful of their police partners. That is why police dogs are often deemed as invaluable and vital part of a police department.

These dogs are trained in specialized areas. There are dogs trained in tracking, public enforcement, substance detection, and cadaver dogs. All of these areas require a dedicated, intelligent dog breed to do their job below.

But before they become police dogs, they have to be trained at an early age. This is the story of a young dog that seems to know what he has to do in life. At 14 weeks of age, this dog started his police training with such skills that he amazed his trainers constantly.

During one of his training, he can be seen to leap out from the police car as he saw the “criminal”. He immediately chased the suspect with such focus and determination despite his young age. This dog really knows his purpose in life.

Watch the astonishing video below.


I would never get tired of saying this; dogs are one of a kind. They have never ceased to amaze us humans of their uncanny ability. They are loyal, faithful and very loving creatures.

They are dependable and are never tired to show us how much they adore us. Just like the dog in the story, he is driven to do what is expected of him. I’m sure he will be a fantastic police dog in the future.

Source Michelle Salem via YouTube


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