This Pit Bull had been staying at the beach for quite some time, and it had been the only home she had known for a while, and it was fortunate that people who went there often had food with them. Because then, she would be able to ask for some of it and even the tiniest portions did add up, allowing her to survive as long as she did without anyone to look after her. One of the people who had come to the beach to relax spotted her and knew that the beach wasn’t an ideal environment for a Pit Bull or any dog for that matter.

After the Hope For Paws organization received a call about a homeless Pit Bull who had been hanging around at a beach not too far away from their HQ, they immediately got their gear ready and drove to the location. When they got to the beach, they found the dog taking a nap, and they decided to try sneaking up from behind her, but she was quick to notice their approach. And that was when the long chase started which lasted for quite some time, and they ran for about a mile before the dog finally decided to hide under some bushes.

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Exhausted from all the running, or probably because she had figured out that these newcomers were not going to harm her, she finally let her rescuers touch her a bit. And before long, they were able to secure her by putting a leash on her neck, before pulling her out of the bushes she’d taken refuge in, albeit gently. After staying with her for a few more minutes to give her further reassurance, it was now time to move on and get back to their vehicle so that they could bring her to the hospital.

They named her Remi.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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