What can be more stringent than kids? Well, none other than Siberian Huskies! This video features the most epic tantrum ever, captured on video. Siberian Huskies are smart, but they have such low tolerance when it comes to pleasing their owners.

Zeus is the famous Siberian Husky in this video, and he loves water.

This dog loves to play in the water and get wet! He lies in the bathtub forcing his owner to turn on the water even though it is time for his daily walk routine. Zeus did not take no for an answer. He throws his temper tantrums while lying in the bathtub.

No matter what his owner says, Zeus stood firm in his only goal– to play in the waters! Indeed, he is adorable just like any other toddler but with such stubbornness!

Seven-year-old Zeus, despite the age, gets what he wants– and based on his terms! What he doesn’t like the most is that he’s told what to do.

Zeus vocally argues with his owner, and it captured on cam. Every howl and squeak is in rhythm with his body movements. Huskies are ultimately a lovely breed of dog. Most probably, they are the closest to their wolf ancestors as well.

The word “Husky” means a plethora of kind of dogs. They are highly intelligent, active, energetic and strong-willed. Just like any single living soul, animals have cad days too.

We may not be as knowledgeable when it comes to dog’s language, or they may not be as knowledgeable about human language, but we all have our ways of expressing it and getting the idea crossed. Zeus has his way of getting what he wants when he wants it.

It’s a matter of being firm and not backing down on what you want to achieve. In this case, the goal is to play in the water!

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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