This dog had been struggling to keep body and soul together by scavenging for food in the trash when a passerby who had been watching him opted to inform the Hope For Paws organization. He was a big dog that belonged to a breed that many people still thought of as inherently violent, and he would panic at the sight of people approaching, even if it wasn’t him they were trying to get to. It could be a sign that he’d never truly interacted with any human, not counting the brief and tricky brushes he’d had with strangers in the streets.

None of this was a good enough reason to cop out of the rescue operation, of course, especially for an organization such as Hope For Paws, and they were quick to drive to the location that the caller had specified. When they got there, they found the dog doing exactly what the caller said he’d been doing all this time to survive — rummaging through piles of garbage, hoping to find something to eat. They knew that securing him was not going to be an easy task, given his great distrust of humans, but he was hungry, and he knew it, and this was something that the rescuers could use to their advantage.

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They managed to convince him to lower his guard somewhat and as he nibbled on the pieces of food on the ground, one of the rescuers swiftly fastened the snare around his neck. The dog was quick to start biting hard into the snare in an attempt to escape, and the rescuers responded by gently touching him without risking a nasty bite and telling him that he was going to be okay. They didn’t want to allow him to rip the snare off, so they quickly worked to put him inside the age that they had brought.

At the hospital, they let him out in a sealed room so that he could get used to their presence, and although he was still hesitant, he was son won over by his rescuers. They decided to name him Jet.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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